[mpich-discuss] How do you open (glut) windows on multiple MS Windows nodes for use with CUDA?

Jayesh Krishna jayesh at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Oct 16 09:47:11 CDT 2009

 Since the processes launched on remote nodes don't have a console session
of their own you are unable to run your app across nodes.
 I will look at the code and let you know what we can do (Unfortunately I
don't have a windows machine with NVIDIA cards.). 

(PS: MSMPI already supports GPU apps if you use the MSMPI job scheduler to
launch the jobs and set the HPC_ATTACHTOCONSOLE env var - see
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd420457(WS.10).aspx .)


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Subject: [mpich-discuss] How do you open (glut) windows on multiple MS
Windows nodes for use with CUDA?

I'd like to use MPI for a network consisting of multiple nodes with
Windows Vista. Each node has NVIDIA CUDA capable graphics card and a
display attached to it. I'd like to compute, render and display graphics
on all nodes by using the hardware on the respecting machines.

Is this possible with MPICH2? If yes, what do I have to do for it?

So far I've installed MPICH2 on all machines. I can sucessfully run
command-line programs on multiple nodes. However if I start my own
application with mpiexec.exe I can't open any window by using GLUT.
glutMainLoop() starts and it is running but simply no window appears. Only
if call mpiexec with the -localroot option, I can create a window, but of
course only on the local machine and not on a remote machine.

I've noticed that usually when I query the OpenGL version I get something
like the following if I run my application on a local machine: 
  GL_VERSION:   3.1.0
  GL_VENDOR:    NVIDIA Corporation

However if I'm using mpiexec I get the following:
  GL_VERSION:   1.1.0
  GL_VENDOR:    Microsoft Corporation

It seems when started with MPI my application doesn't have the right to
open displays or access the graphics adapter.

Is there a way to configure MPI or Windows to allows me to execute
programs which can open a window on all nodes with full access to the
graphics adapter?

Or is there another solution which would allow me to do this, for example
MS MPI? Or switching to Linux? Or should I use a completely different
communication system instead?

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