[mpich-discuss] How to use myrinet in mpich2?

Guillaume Mercier mercierg at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Oct 14 12:57:27 CDT 2009

The MX Nemesis Module uses some functionalities that are only available 
with recent MX software.
It seems that is isn't the case here so the user should ask his admin to 
upgrade the MX software on the cluster.


Scott Atchley a écrit :
> On Oct 14, 2009, at 12:29 PM, Luís Miranda wrote:
>> I'm not the admin of the cluster. I have a version of mpich2 ( 
>> version 1.1 ) instaled in userspace, and i'm trying to run my 
>> programs with that version.
>> When i try to follow your sugestion i have this error:
>> checking myriexpress.h usability... yes
>> checking myriexpress.h presence... yes
>> checking for myriexpress.h... yes
>> checking mx_extensions.h usability... yes
>> checking mx_extensions.h presence... yes
>> checking for mx_extensions.h... yes
>> checking for mx_finalize in -lmyriexpress... yes
>> configure: error: 'MX API version Problem.  Are you running a recent 
>> version of MX (at least 1.2.1)?'
>> configure: error: ./configure failed for channels/nemesis
>> configure: error: Configure of src/mpid/ch3 failed!
>> Should i install mx in user space to? Do you have any advice?
> This looks like it is coming from the Nemesis configure script. What 
> is the output of mx_info?
> Scott
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