[mpich-discuss] Can ch3:nemesis:mx use both MX and TCP networks ?

Guillaume Mercier mercierg at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Oct 13 12:19:29 CDT 2009

Scott Atchley a écrit :

> Guillaume, does Nemesis handle shmem directly or does it pass it to 
> Nem/MX to let MX handle the shmem?
All shmem communication is handled by Nemesis directly. Actually, the MX 
module disables the Shmem support available
in the MX layer.

> I believe he is asking for selection of Nem/TCP or Nem/MX for 
> non-shmem traffic.
Oh yes. I see.  AFAIK, there is no support for multiple networks (and 
thus modules) at the same time in Nemesis.
when you select a module/protocol, you have to stick with it. But maybe 
something could be done with Open-MX?


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