[mpich-discuss] MPI on Windows

Gulshan Singh sgulshan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 14:19:42 CDT 2009

We downloaded MPICH2 installed on a windows XP machine. Although the OS is
Mac but we have VMware Fusion to access Windows. we created a Fortran code
(using Microsoft Visiual Studio) that runs on this machine and gives
speed-up factor of 2 (almost) for two processors. When we run this code for
the first time it asked for administrator user name and password, once we
provide that it works. From here we get an MPI executable.
Now we take to to another computer with the same setup (or the one with
Windows XP as OS). We added the MPI bin file to the environment variables.
On the command line, I did following
mpiexec -remove
mpiexec -register (provided a new user name and password)
now when I type
mpiexec -validate --> it gives (FAIL)

and I try to run my code it gives following error.

Credentials for gulshan rejected connecting to gulshan-0160b12
Aborting: Unable to connect to gulshan-0160b12

I am not sure what I am suppose to do. Can anyone help me with this.

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