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jayesh at mcs.anl.gov jayesh at mcs.anl.gov
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 Look into the source code of wmpiconfig (https://svn.mcs.anl.gov/repos/mpi/mpich2/trunk/src/pm/smpd/wmpiconfig/) for the required information.
 Let us know if you need further help.


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Thank you for you answer! I have installed MPICH2 according to the instructions and it runs well in two machines. But I want to check which machines in the workgroup has installed MPICH2 in my own program.If WMPIconfig can be used in command line,that I can use it in my own program. But it has GUIS, I can't use it.My English is poor,I don't if I have expressed my proble exactly and clearly. 

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> Install the same version of MPICH2 on all the machines and you should be good to go (Make sure that all the machines have the same data model - all are x64 machines or all are ia32 machines). Also make sure that the firewalls are turned off on all the machines (or look into the windows developer's guide - available at http://www.mcs.anl.gov/research/projects/mpich2/documentation/index.php?s=docs - for info on how to config MPICH2 with windows firewall) 

> Let us know if it works for you. 


> (PS: mpich-discuss would be the right mailing list for your emails) 

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> Hello,Can I config MPI in command line? I want to get the computers which has installed MPICH2 in the loacl area web .My OS is Windows XP. My English is poor, I don't know if I express the problem exactly. 





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