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Tim Kroeger tim.kroeger at cevis.uni-bremen.de
Wed Nov 4 10:42:43 CST 2009

On Wed, 4 Nov 2009, Dave Goodell wrote:

> This is the classic user interface problem in mpdboot.  The short answer is 
> to change your mpdboot command to: "mpdboot --totalnum=4 --ncpus=6 -f 
> nodefile".
> The slightly longer answer is that mpdboot doesn't respect the number of cpus 
> set in the hostfile for the node on which mpdboot is run, it requires a 
> --ncpus=X option.

Ah, thank you.  That works now.

I'll care about Darius' suggestion tomorrow.  Anyway, it's somehow 
likely that the missing "--ncpus" was actually the overall decisive 
mistake because my application is potentially short in memory, and 
thus having improper load balancing might cause one of the processes 
to crash.

I'll let you guys know whether this was the problem.

Thank you very much for now.

Best Regards,


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