[mpich-discuss] Question on Windows 7 installation

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 The winconfig/winregister wrappers are currently not provided with the 64-bit build of MPICH2 (Use the command line instead for now). Since we are too close to the 1.2.1 minor release we will provide this feature in the next release.
 Run a command prompt with admin privileges (right-click & "Run as administrator") and install smpd (smpd -install). Let us know if it works.

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I installed the 1.2 64 bit version on Windows 7.  But I'm not seeing the winconfig or winregister apps.  Am I supposed to install those from the 32 bit version?  When I try and do an smpd.exe -install, I get an authorization error, anybody up and running with Win 7 and the 64 bit build?

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