[mpich-discuss] mpiexec kills the remote login shell

Rajeev Thakur thakur at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jan 30 19:11:48 CST 2009

Not sure why that may happen. Do you need to use SMPD? You could use gforker
instead if you will be running on a single machine (single operating


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> Hi,
> I am cross-compiling mpich2-1.0.8 with smpd for Khepera III 
> mobile robot.
> This mobile robot has a Korebot board which is an ARM-based 
> computer with a Linux operating system.
> The cross-compilation was fine.
> Firstly, I logged in to Korebot through ssh.
> Secondly, I started smpd.
> Thirdly, I ran mpiexec to execute an MPI program (cpi) that 
> comes with the package.
> The result was correct, but when mpiexec was finished, the 
> ssh connection to the Korebot was closed.
> I found that mpiexec kills the sshd process through which I 
> was remotely connected to Korebot.
> I've been looking for the cause, but still have not found any clues.
> Could you give me any ideas to solve this problem?
> Thank you,
> Yu-Cheng

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