[mpich-discuss] Assertion failure in ch3_progress

Dorian Krause ddkrause at uni-bonn.de
Tue Jan 27 07:25:43 CST 2009

Hi List,

I'm running an application with mpich2-1.1a2 (intel compiler) which uses 
onesided communication to put data from a contiguous buffer on the origin
side into a strided (derived datatype) buffer on the target side. The 
program runs fine with (let's say) 4 procs on a single machine but fails

Assertion failed in file ch3_progress.c at line 473: pkt->type >= 0 && 
pkt->type < MPIDI_NEM_PKT_END
internal ABORT - process 3

if submitted to the cluster (I suppose it does not use nemesis in the 
first case ?). In ch3_progress.c I can read that "invalid pkt data will 
result in unpredictable behavior".

Can you tell me what that means? What is "pkt data" and to which input 
from the application does the pkt instance corresponds?


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