[mpich-discuss] File I/O doesn't work with mapped network drive

Константин Герценбергер k.gertsenberger at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 10:38:40 CST 2009

Good day.
I've developed MPI (MPICH 1.0.8) application working with file that is
located on mapped network drive (letter z:, for example, z:\my.bin).
The drive Z was mapped by Windows Explorer and it's avalaible for all nodes.

My application (run with mpiexec -n X(1,2,3...) "c:\my_app.exe", it has copy
on all nodes) get an error when it attemps to open this file from any node
(no such file or directory). If i disconnect mapped network drive in Windows
and use -map option, it works well, but there are some reasons because of I
can't use this approach.

Tell me please, why can't SMPD find files are located on mapped network
drive, mounted by Windows (Explorer)?
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