[mpich-discuss] mpdcheck fails after logout

Richard Katz richard.katz at earth.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 11:50:27 CST 2009


I am trying to run a sequence of MPI jobs from a shell script and  
encountering this problem:

after having launched the shell script in the background, if I log out  
of the machine, the script still executes but I get:

mpiexec failed: gethostbyname_ex failed for darcy.earth.ox.ac.uk

for each MPI job in the script.  As a test, I used the following script:

mpdcheck -v > test_script.out
mpiexec -np 2 ./myProg >> test_script.out < /dev/null
mpdcheck -v >> test_script.out
mpiexec -np 2 ./myProg >> test_script.out < /dev/null

and ran it in the background.  The first mpdcheck returned  
successfully.  The first run of myProg was also successful.  At some  
time during the first execution of myProg I logged out of the machine  
and the subsequent mpdcheck and mpicheck failed.  mpdcheck -v returned:

obtaining hostname via gethostname and getfqdn
gethostname gives  darcy.earth.ox.ac.uk
getfqdn gives  darcy.earth.ox.ac.uk
checking out unqualified hostname; make sure is not "localhost", etc.
checking out qualified hostname; make sure is not "localhost", etc.
obtain IP addrs via qualified and unqualified hostnames;  make sure  
other than 1
*** gethostbyname_ex failed for this host darcy.earth.ox.ac.uk
*** gethostbyname_ex failed for host darcy.earth.ox.ac.uk
checking that IP addrs resolve to same host
now do some gethostbyaddr and gethostbyname_ex for machines in hosts  

If I run the script but remain logged in to the machine, there is no  

How can I fix this so that I can log out and not cause  
gethostbyname_ex to fail?

Many thanks,

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