[mpich-discuss] -mpe=mpitrace not producing any output, and Valgrind outputs on r3717

James S Perrin james.s.perrin at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jan 7 11:13:02 CST 2009


Anthony Chan wrote:

> Does your code use any MPI-2 features, like connect/accept or
> comm_spawn or even put/get ?  Did you try -mpe=mpilog ?

Uses MPI I/O.

Yes I've used -mpe=mpilog successfully, I was just going through the 

>> However if this option is equivalent the the MPE -mpitrace option
>> http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/mpi/mpich1/docs/mpeman/node7.htm#Node8
>> should it also be printing out some accumulated times as well?
> I look up some really old versions of trc_wrappers.c in MPICH1 and I don't
> see it has any statistics collection code in it.  My guess is that the
> MPICH1 documentation was never updated.  BTW, if you need simple statistics,
> you could use FPMPI2 at http://www.mcs.anl.gov/fpmpi 
> (the latest version about 1 year old)

Ok, thanks.

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