[mpich-discuss] -mpe=mpitrace not producing any output, and Valgrind outputs on r3717

James S Perrin james.s.perrin at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jan 7 09:16:25 CST 2009


	I too am having problems with -mpe=mpitrace, ironically I was trying to 
use it to analyse the speed issue with nemesis. All I get in the way of 
output is :

[0] Ending MPI_Finalize
[1] Ending MPI_Finalize
[3] Ending MPI_Finalize
[2] Ending MPI_Finalize
[4] Ending MPI_Finalize

I can't downsize my code unfortunately and I get start and end messages 
for MPI calls when I compile cpi. However if this option is equivalent 
the the MPE -mpitrace option


should it also be printing out some accumulated times as well?


François PELLEGRINI wrote:
> Hello and happy new year to all,
> Several topics are addressed in this e-mail.
> First, I have trouble using the "mpitrace" feature of MPE.
> I compile all of my source code with "mpicc -mpe=mpitrace",
> and link the objects with "-ltmpe", but absolutely no output
> is produced when I run the compiled program. This both happens
> with the official 1.0.8 and r3717 packages. What did I do
> wrong ?

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