[mpich-discuss] Problem with MPICH2 v1.0.8 on WindowsXP

pisoir ondrej.sluciak at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 07:38:14 CST 2008

No I haven't because I don't have the MS Servers. I only wanted to 
connect 2 computers, both running Win XP Professional. I had no problem 
with MPI running two linux machines (using mpd).

Marcus Vinicius Brandão Soares wrote:
> Hello Ondrej,
> Have you tried to look at the number of licenses for connections in 
> sherk ? I seems to me that, if everything is ok, Microsoft's license 
> manager can be rejecting the (extra) connection. (or it may be a bug 
> in license manager ...).
> License manager is a program embedded in Microsft's Servers to monitor 
> the maximum number of lawfull connections.
> You can see it in the control panel of shrek.
> I hope I helped you ;-))
> Best regards,
> Marcus Vinicius.
> 2008/12/14 pisoir <ondrej.sluciak at gmail.com 
> <mailto:ondrej.sluciak at gmail.com>>
>     Hello,
>     I have one problem on Windows XP SP3 and I'm starting to feel
>     really desperate now. Thanks to help of this:
>     http://lists.mcs.anl.gov/pipermail/mpich-discuss/2008-November/000037.html
>     I was able to get over the validation of mpiexec (mpiexec
>     -validate returned SUCCESS). Anyway, if I want to run even the
>     simplest program possible,i.e.  mpiexec -host second_host
>     hostname, I always get the error:
>     Credentials for Ondrej rejected connecting to shrek
>     Aborting: Unable to connect to shrek
>     (Ondrej is the name of first computer, shrek is the name of
>     second). If I do "smpd -status shrek" (from Ondrej computer), I get:
>     smpd running on shrek
>     So it seems that everything is ok. I turned off the firewalls, I
>     can ping each other and also the shared folders are accessible
>     from both computers. Just the mpi is not running as it should. I
>     reinstalled mpich2 and rebooted computer so many times, that it
>     couldn't be reinstalled and rebooted any more. Does anyone have
>     some similar problems or at least have any clue how to solve this?
>     Thanks.
>     Ondrej
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> Marcus Vinicius
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