[mpich-discuss] Problem with MPICH2 v1.0.8 on WindowsXP

pisoir ondrej.sluciak at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 18:11:52 CST 2008


I have one problem on Windows XP SP3 and I'm starting to feel really 
desperate now. Thanks to help of this: 
I was able to get over the validation of mpiexec (mpiexec -validate 
returned SUCCESS). Anyway, if I want to run even the simplest program 
possible,i.e.  mpiexec -host second_host hostname, I always get the error:

Credentials for Ondrej rejected connecting to shrek
Aborting: Unable to connect to shrek

(Ondrej is the name of first computer, shrek is the name of second). If 
I do "smpd -status shrek" (from Ondrej computer), I get:

smpd running on shrek

So it seems that everything is ok. I turned off the firewalls, I can 
ping each other and also the shared folders are accessible from both 
computers. Just the mpi is not running as it should. I reinstalled 
mpich2 and rebooted computer so many times, that it couldn't be 
reinstalled and rebooted any more. Does anyone have some similar 
problems or at least have any clue how to solve this? Thanks.


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