[mpich-discuss] Assertion failed

Darius Buntinas buntinas at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Dec 9 13:44:06 CST 2008

I don't know what the library you're using looks like, but if the
execution of one program affects the execution of a subsequent program,
then I would guess it's not the library or binding.

See if your sysadmin can help you with the.


On 12/05/2008 06:16 PM, Xavier Olive wrote:
> Le 6 déc. 08 à 08:54, Darius Buntinas a écrit :
>> That seems to indicate a problem outside of MPICH2.  After you get an
>> assertion, what do you have to do to get an mpi program working again,
>> e.g., reboot, wait a while, etc?
>> -d
> I would say if i wait long enough, it will be ok.
> Maybe the problem would be in the binding who gives a corrupted buffer
> to mpi. Do you think it's possible ? In that case, do you think the
> tricky part would be in the C code of the binding or in the java part ?

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