[mpich-discuss] Sample parameter sweep application

Matias Alberto Gavinowich mattlistas at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 13:14:35 CST 2008


I am working on a software capable of handling parameter sweep
application submissions on a cluster or grid environment (for the time
being, I am using Condor), for my thesis. I am looking for sample
applications which I may use to test the software I've developed. I
would appreciate your help and suggestions, perhaps someone in the
community can point me to some application which meets my needs.

What I am looking for is a non-data intensive application for which it
may be desired to perform several runs varying a parameter. This
parameter is an input file. For instance, something like a program
which finds the roots of a mathematical function, which I would use

find_roots range.txt

Range would contain something like 1-10000, and I would submit several
ranges, so each run can take place in a separate computer and while
one processes a range, the other processes another range.

The program can produce output on the standard output as well as on
another file on disk, or both. The key is that both find_roots and
range.txt are files of relatively small size, and that the benefit of
running each range on a separate computer is that overall speed is
increased. For demonstration purposes, this program should take a bit
to run, but I would like to be able to make a couple of runs fit into
a short demo. It's purpose and produced output should also be
relatively easy to understand by an audience new to it.

I have been looking for real-world (or near real-world) applications
that resemble what I've just described, but the ones I found require
large databases to be present, require several input files instead of
one, the files involved are very large, etc.

If anyone can point me to an application which works like I described,
I'd greatly appreciate it. Availability of source code is a plus, but
not essential.



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