[mpich-discuss] Assertion failed

Xavier Olive xo.olive at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 17:16:00 CST 2008

Le 6 déc. 08 à 01:50, Darius Buntinas a écrit :
> Hmm, are saying that if you run one mpi program that does a lot of  
> sends
> and hits the assert, then run a second simple program that, e.g., just
> does a send and receive, that the second program fails too?
> If the failure persists between executions of two separate mpi jobs,
> that may indicate a problem with the network (card/driver/etc).
> Are you using a special network (e.g., InfiniBand, Myrinet)?

The first test was in local, on my desktop computer.
The second test was on a supercomputer w/ Infiniband.
I will try on Monday to recompile with nemesis option


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