[mpich-discuss] problem of calling .dll in mpich

Vivian viviantj at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 00:05:24 CST 2008

      I met some problems when I was trying to call a dll in a mpich program
(Language:VS 2005).
      (1) MPICH seems to only support calling convention  _cdecl.
          When I change the project setting to _stdcall, the code cannot be
successfully built.
          So I set the project setting back to _cdecl and force the calling
convention of the function pointer to my function on the DLL to be
"_stdcall". This time the program is built.
          Under debugging mode or directly run in command window (
c:>test.ext), there is no problem to call dll in the code.
          Here is the code:


     typedef char (__stdcall *AVRUN) (char[100]);
     HINSTANCE ArcviewDLL;
     AVRUN AVRun;
     ArcviewDLL= LoadLibraryA("Avhelp.dll");
     AVRun = (AVRUN) GetProcAddress(ArcviewDLL, "AVRun");



      (2) However, the program fails to call dll when I use "mpiexec" to run
it. (c:>mpiexec -n 1 test.exe).
           It seems to "stop" right before this line
          Is there anyone having any idea why this happens?

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