[mpich-discuss] Trouble with new installation -- failed to connect to mpd

Benjamin Svetitsky bqs at julian.tau.ac.il
Mon Dec 1 04:11:55 CST 2008

Dear MPI community,

I already have MIPCH 1.0.8 running well on a cluster of four Linux quad 
cores.  But now I can't get it running on a new cluster.  I think I 
installed everything exactly like the first system.  But when I try to 
mpdboot as root I get a minimal error message:

[root at nodeE ~]# mpdboot -n 4 -f /root/mpd.hosts
mpdboot_nodeE (handle_mpd_output 401): failed to connect to mpd on nodeF

The /root/mpd.hosts contains:

Oddly enough, after the failure of mpdboot as above I find:
[root at nodeE ~]# mpdtrace

If I do mpdallexit and log into nodeF, the result is:
[root at nodeF ~]# mpdboot -n 4 -f /root/mpd.hosts
mpdboot_nodeF (handle_mpd_output 392): failed to handshake with mpd on 
nodeE; recvd output={}

Do I have a network problem or is it an MPICH problem?


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