[mpich-discuss] To build mpich2 with pgi pghpf

Tilek Aberra t.aberra at usyd.edu.au
Sat Apr 5 23:37:15 CDT 2008

Dear sirs,

I want to build mpich2 dedicated for pghpf compiler. Seraching the www I came across information only how to build mpich2 for pgf90 of pgi. I know pgi provides how to run a pghpf complied code to run parallel using mipch2. But I want to build so that I can call pghpf built  mpich2 on other packages like PETSc.

Can someone suggest a way. I used 

$ env F90="pghpf" FC="pghpf" ./configure --prefix=/u2/john/mpich2_pgHPF,

Though it builds ok it fails to be compiled and produce output while petsc runs.



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