[mpich-discuss] How to use MPICH2 with windows and linux

Fernando Henrique e Paula da Luz presidente at ifsc.usp.br
Wed Apr 2 09:43:16 CDT 2008


I want know if is possible use MPICH2 with communications between 
windows and linux.
I want start a job in a Windows machine to connect in a cluster of linux 
machine. (and this windows machine manage the cluster, ie, it is a rank 
0 in my program mpi).

I try find in group and docs, and I don't find how to install or 

And I find in doc one clue with indicate it is possible.

"-path search_path: Specify the search path used to locate executables.
Separate multiple paths with semicolons. The path can be mixed
when using both Windows and Linux machines. For example: -path
c:\temp;/home/user is a valid search path."

Fernando Luz

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