[MPICH] -machinfile and -localonly options to mpiexec

Rajeev Thakur thakur at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Jun 30 18:32:42 CDT 2007

> 1) the -localonly option seems not to be supported anymore.
> using -host  <local host> should be the same, right?

-localonly is supported by the mpiexec of the SMPD process manager, not MPD.
You could use -host instead.

> 2) mpiexec with the -machinefile <myFile> option hangs the 
> machine - no
> messages. the file format of the machine file list seems to 
> be correct.
> any idea of why this is? has the option been replaced/modified?

This should have been fixed in the 1.0.5p4 patch release. Are you using this


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