[MPICH] Re: [mico-devel] HELP!!! MICO+WinXP+cygwin

Patrick Gräbel pgraebel at stud.fh-dortmund.de
Fri Jun 29 14:54:26 CDT 2007


Last week I created a fresh rebuild of the latest stable MICO because it
seemed that a recent Cygwin update broke compatibility with my old MICO
build (maybe an openssl update, I always got core dumps just for
entering main function).

As always, I only needed to update that single Makefile in subdir "ir".
Everything else works nice. I never experienced pthread related
problems. A quick look into my config.h tells me: "#define HAVE_PTHREADS 1"


Karel Gardas wrote:
> is this the only issue on Cygwin? If I recall correctly, there should
> also be some (or was) problem with Cygwin PTHREADs. Is it still
> presented or are you able to use default which means thread enabled
> build of MICO?
> Thanks,
> Karel

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