[MPICH] authenticating with totalview license manager from slave nodes

Kamaraju Kusumanchi kamaraju at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 21:38:25 CDT 2007

Hi all

    I have access to a cluster with say 8 nodes. The master node is
say node0 is connected to internet. The slave nodes node1 through
node7 are not connected to outside network. But they are connected
within each other and to node0.

    Now I have installed totalview debugger on this cluster. The
license server is on a different computer. Whenever I run totalview
from the cluster, the license is authenticated with the license server
and if the authentication succeeds then I will be able to run
totalview. Since node0 has access to outside network, I am able to run
totalview from node0. However, I am not able to run totalview from
slave nodes since they cannot authenticate with the license server.
Has anyone faced this problem before? How can I get around this

    I do not have permissions to change the location of the license
server's computer, and I also cannot connect the slave nodes to
internet. Also, I prefer to avoid the master node while debugging the
code. Given this scenario, Is there any way to run totalview from
slave nodes?

    I have perused the flexlm documentation that comes with the
debugger. But could not find an answer. May be I am looking at the
wrong place. Any suggestions are most welcome.


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