[MPICH] Binding and instance of the MPI program to a particular processor

Christina Patrick christina.subscribes at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 16:11:31 CDT 2007

Hi everybody,

I am having a 8 processor Solaris 9 machine and I want to execute an MPI
program on it. The problem is that the tasks created by mpiexec keep
migrating on the different processors. Since it is only one machine, there
is only one instance of the mpdboot daemon running on the machine. Hence
when I execute the below command on the machine with 8 processors, I get an
output that says:

(For example, if the MPI program name is "finalized")
# mpiexec -n 8 ./finalized
0:  No Errors

When I examined the system using the "prstat" command, I observed that the
tasks are migrating between the different processors.

Is there any why in which I could bind each instance of the MPI program to a
different processor.

Your suggesstions and help is appreciated,

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