[MPICH] mpich and pbs

Steve Young chemadm at hamilton.edu
Wed Jun 20 10:57:59 CDT 2007

Hello everyone,
	I still seem to be having an issue with getting mpich to work properly.
I have version mpich2-1.0.5 compiled. This works as expected when I use
mpiexec or mpirun. However, the nodes that jobs run on aren't in sync
with the nodes that PBS allocates to the job. In posting to the list
before I was informed to use the mpiexec from OSC that works with PBS. I
installed that and jobs now get started on the proper nodes that PBS
allocates. However, now it appears that the program being run is in
serial. For example, an 8 cpu job gets stared on two nodes (each node
has 4 cpu's - 2 dual core opterons). We see all 8 processes running on
the nodes. But in looking at the output it appears like a serial job. I
get the same results trying to use vasp and amber. So I'm not sure what
I could do to correct this. Any ideas?


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