[MPICH] who own(s) the copy right of MPICH2 ?

William Gropp gropp at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 19 16:56:45 CDT 2007

MPICH1 contains the C++ binding originally provided by the University  
of Notre Dame.  MPICH2 does not use any of that code (it uses its own  
system to implement the C++ bindings) and does not use any LAM/MPI code.


On Jun 18, 2007, at 4:11 PM, chong tan wrote:

> I am in the final stage of productizing a code using MPICH for  
> communication.
> My Legal department gives me 6 pages of message/acknowledgement/ 
> obligation-to-use
> message to be displayed when my code runs, plus 10 pages or more  
> ack/leg messages
> to be included/reproduced with the help/doc/training.
> I look at the list of copyrights owners, they are
> - University of Chicago
> - Argonne National Lab
> - University Notre Dame
> - The Ohio State University
> - The trustee of Indianna University
> - Clemson Univerity
> - University of Mississipi
> - University of Chicago, Ohio Supercomputer Center
> - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
> - SUN micro System
> there is one particular message, for Trustees of Indiana  
> University, Norte Dame University and Ohio State University, I  
> think is on LAM/MPI:
> "This product includes software developed at the Ohio Supercomputer  
> Center at The Ohio State University, the University of Notre Dame  
> and the Pervasive Technology Labs at Indiana University with  
> original ideas contributed from Cornell University. For technical  
> information contact Andrew Lumsdaine at the Pervasive Technology  
> Labs at Indiana University.  For administrative and license  
> questions contact the Advanced Research and Technology Institute at  
> 351 West 10th St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46202, phone 317-274-5905,  
> fax 317-274-5902."
> I just want to ask those with the inside connection: Who should I  
> cite as the copyright owner of MPICH2 in my software ?   I don't  
> build MPICH with LAM, should I still ack the copyright owners of   
> thanks
> tan
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