[MPICH] Lock / Unlock on MPICH2 with Fortran 77

Codner, Clay codner.cg at pg.com
Wed Jun 13 14:43:06 CDT 2007

I have a problem and I need some guidance.  I have a program written in
Fortran 77 and MPI-2.  For various reasons, I have to use the lock /
unlock mechanisms to make the program work. As near as I can tell, I
must also use the MPI_ALLOC_MEM routine with the locks in order for the
program to run. 


The problem is that I need to pass a pointer to the memory routine.  I
have already proposed updating the code to run in a more modern
language, but for now I just need it to function properly. Can somebody
give me guidance on what I should do? Am I wrong in any of my
assertions?  I have looked into creating a pointer in C and compiling
the program as a mix of C and Fortran, but if there is a better way, I'm
open to suggestions.


The data to be passed is in an array. I pass either a row or a member,
depending on which element we are talking about.



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