[MPICH] Failed to ping mpd on client

Cavey, Lester Lester.Cavey at ATK.COM
Fri Jun 1 08:38:47 CDT 2007

I can run mpd on machine1 alone, and on machine2 alone, but I get an
error when I have mpd running on machine2 and I enter the command
'mpdboot -n 2 -f /etc/mpd.hosts' on machine1.  The error message is
'Failed to ping mpd on machine2.'.  I can ping machine1 from machine2,
and I can ping machine2 from machine1.  I have the machines listed in
/etc/hosts (which also lists their IP addresses and aliases) and in
/etc/mpd.hosts .  I am using Red Hat Enterprise 5 on each of the i386
machines.  Any ideas on what is causing the error?
Lester Cavey
Test Engineer
ATK Mission Systems
8560 Cinderbed Road, 700
Newington, VA 22122
703-339-6500, x189
Lester.Cavey at atk.com
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