[MPICH] File structure

Lourival Mendes mendes.lourival at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 11:25:24 CDT 2007

   Hello everyone,

   As probably you know me from other mails, I'm trying to make pascal
binding of the MPICH2. So as I know some of C++ I'm trying to convert from
the .h files to .pas files, but as far as I know the C++ use the headers to
make the link between the .lib files and the program that we are developing.
Am I right??

  If so, does the MPICH2 instalation copys some .dll to the
windir\system32??? Because I saw some dlls on my system32 from the same date
that I instaled the MPICH2. What does they are used for??


Lourival J. Mendes Neto
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