[MPICH] Setting the stripe size for a file using mpich2

Yu, Weikuan wyu at ornl.gov
Tue Aug 14 14:44:08 CDT 2007

Thanks for the correction. I had that dated impression before. Will try
it out.


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> On Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 01:20:51PM -0400, Yu, Weikuan wrote:
> > But stripe size is a static number (64K) in PVFS2. It did 
> not appear 
> > customizable by clients to me. or I am not up-to-date on 
> this matter?
> It should take effect for newly created files, or else that's a bug.
> Maybe it's not be available or effective in the mpich2-1.0.2 
> based MPI you're using?
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