[MPICH] mpich without shared home directories

H. Sami Sozuer hss at photon.iyte.edu.tr
Mon Apr 24 07:35:19 CDT 2006

Hi Goncalo,

We're running mpich2 on individual machines that have separate home 
It's even possible to run mpi jobs across different platforms such as 
Windows+cygwin and Linux.
All you need is to have the same username on all the nodes. The user 
needs to be able
to ssh to all the machines without a password from the machine where 
mpdboot is issued
and then the binary needs to be copied to the same location i.e. 
/home/me/myprog on each node.
Then you  simply issue a command like mpiexec -n 5 /home/me/myprog after 
running mpdboot.
However on Windows and Linux machines the program needs to be compiled 
and on Windows the executable would be named myprog.exe

You can also use mpich on either the Windows+cygwin or Linux systems but 
mixing the platforms.


Goncalo Borges wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was hopping if someone could answer to the following question:
> - Is it possible to run mpich2 jobs in a cluster where the users do not 
> share their homes across the different execution nodes? 
> If this is possible, I would like to know how can I implement the 
> procedure. What references should I look?
> Thanks in advance
> Cheers
> Goncalo

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