[Fwd: [MPICH] How to build MPICH2 on a Myrinet Cluster]

Susan Blackford susan at myri.com
Sat Apr 1 10:32:31 CST 2006

Hi, Tao,

We saw your posting on the MPICH list.

Which type of Myrinet NICs do you have?

Do you have Myrinet-2000 NICs?
      * PCI64-based (PCI64B, PCI64C) or
      * PCIX-based (PCIXD, PCIXF, PCIXE))

Or, do you have Myri-10G NICs (PCI-Express-based 10G-PCIE-8A-x)?

Do you use the GM firmware or MX firmware for Myrinet?

If you have PCIX-based or PCI-Express-based Myrinet NICs, you can use 
the MX firmware.

We are developing MPICH2-MX which will be available very soon.  We do 
not plan to port MPICH2 to GM.

Until then, you could use MPICH2-P4 over IP-over-Myrinet (ethernet 

Feel free to contact us at help at myri.com if you have further questions.


Susan Blackford
Member of Technical Staff
Myricom Inc.

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> Subject: [MPICH] How to build MPICH2 on a Myrinet Cluster
> Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 12:25:01 -0600
> From: Tao He <taohe at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu>
> To: 'mpich' <mpich-discuss at mcs.anl.gov>
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> Dear all,
> I have a cluster to support Myrinet. I want to build the MPICH2 1.0.3 on
> this Myrinet. How to do that?
> Thank for any suggestions!
> Tao

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