[MOAB-announce] MOAB v5.0 major release candidate available

Vijay S. Mahadevan vijay.m at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 12:55:06 CDT 2017

Dear MOAB users,

The consolidated release of SIGMA v1.3 is available now, and contains the
MOAB 5.0 major release candidate. The release tarball can be downloaded at:

We would also like to thank our users and contributors (refer to AUTHORS
file) for making this release possible.

The notable changes in MOAB v5.0 are:

* PyMOAB -- This interface now directly exposes Python modules to access
common MOAB functionality in order to load, query and manipulate
structured/unstructured meshes in memory. It also includes interfaces to
some specific classes such as the ScdInterface and its associated classes
along with the TopoUtil tool. We have also added support for Tags, Range,
Skinner modules that can be used to build more advanced capabilities as
needed. Currently, this interface only supports serial configuration and we
intend to support parallelism through `mpi4py` dependencies in the next
release. Several useful tests and examples have also been added for users
to get started.

* Mesquite Support -- Add Mesquite optimization support to MOAB so that
mesh optimization algorithms can be natively run on a MOAB mesh. It can
also use the geometry information when MOAB is configured with CGM (through
Lasso relational databases in MOAB). * *PR #248, #290,

* Require Eigen3 or BLAS/LAPACK -- Add support for the Eigen3 BLAS/LAPACK
header libraries; Now BLAS/LAPACK are required dependencies for MOAB in
order to support high-performance de nse solver support for various

* Trivial partitioning -- Add capability to load an "*unpartitioned*" mesh
file through a trivial partition with the parallel option:
`PARALLEL=BCAST_DELETE;PARTITION=TRIVIAL`; This works for any mesh format
and so we are no longer restricted to just our parallel h5m native mesh.

* Discrete Geometry Module -- Higher order curve and surface reconstruction
strategies based on local polynomial fittings along with integrated support
for recursive uniform refinement.

* Conservative solution transfer -- Add support for computing high-order,
conservative, multi-mesh projection weights with the **TempestRemap**
library. Several optimizations have been implemented for the
advancing-front algorithm to compute the intersections between two
unstructured meshes on a sphere. In addition to this, the integration with
Tempest library enables computation of the projection weights between
FV/cGLL/dGLL discretizations seamlessly in a scalable fashion, even though
Tempest itself is a serial library!

* HEX8 (linear) to HEX27 (quadratic) mesh conversion utility

* Considerable DagMC related enhancements and refactoring of the tool

Please refer to the following link to find all changes in the SIGMA
components and more specifically, information about the fixes and
enhancements in MOAB as part of this release.


Let us know if you have any questions or encounter any issues during your

The SIGMA team
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