[MOAB-announce] MOAB v4.9.2 release

Vijay S. Mahadevan vijay.m at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 20:05:53 CDT 2016

Dear users,

We are happy to announce a minor release update for MOAB (version 4.9.2).
The release tarball can be uploaded from the following link.


The list of feature additions and contributed enhancements + fixes that are
part of the minor release is provided below.

   - *PR #259*: Introduce the new language-agnostic iMOAB interface to MOAB
   that is oriented towards FEM/FDM/FVM applications codes.
   - This is a ongoing replacement to the ITAPS iMesh interfaces but with
   much less verbosity and indirection in implementation.
   - *PR #196*: Expose “mhdf” publically to be consumed by advanced
   visualization (VisIt) and parallel I/O use-cases
   - *PR #195*: Addition of an optimized parallel mesh resolution algorithm
   when performing UMR in memory
   - *PR #193*: Support for Attila RTT finite element mesh files
   - *PR #203*: Support for the general OBJ triangulation files
   - Add support for *Bitbucket pipelines*, *Codeship/Drone.io*, *CodeCov*
   integration for improving CI and testing infrastructure on a per-commit


   - *PR #229*: Add support for polygon and polyhedra in VTK and NetCDF
   - *PR #246*: Improved re-design of the DagMC tool
   - *PR #251*: Support 64-bit integers with MetisPartitioner
   - *PR #247*: Better support for configuration/build on BG/Q systems (ANL
   Vesta/Mira with GNU/XLC compilers)
   - *PR #258*: Redesign of options to control sequence allocation
   (previously CoreOptions)


   - *PR #234*: Several key fixes found through cppcheck and Coverity
   (static analysis tools)
   - *PR #233*: Parallel h5m file load of recursive sets
   - *PR #213, #230, #255, #253*: Autotools/CMake fixes for MPI, HDF5,
   NetCDF configurations on various architectures
   - *PR #231*: Remove explicit dependence on Cubit through MOAB
   - *PR #227*: Several fixes for reading NetCDF and MPAS climate files
   - *PR #236*: Correctly process mesh files created on Windows
   - *PR #242*: Make the iterator over SequenceData deterministic
   (especially when filling holes in entity sequences)

We thank our users for the continued feature contributions and bug fixes.
Please let us know if you have any questions or issues that occur during
the upgrade.

MOAB Developers
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