[Darshan-users] Darshan 3.3.1 on XC40 CLE7.0 UP03 warning about memory

Bilel Hadri bilel.hadri at kaust.edu.sa
Tue Jan 25 11:22:58 CST 2022

Hi Darshan colleagues,

On Shaheen, Cray XC40, we just upgraded to CLE7 UP03 and using Darshan 3.3.1 and we are facing some warning with some packages like VASP, Quantum Espresso and in house seismic code :

WARNING: unexpected condition in Darshan, possibly triggered by memory corruption.  Darshan log may be incorrect.

What would be the reason for such warning? On the TDS, with the same OS and same Darshan version and same applications, we didn’t get such warning…

Is it related to Darshan, or to a system memory issue?
Beside unloading darshan module, is there a way to remove the warning?




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