[Darshan-users] Darshan 3.4.1 release is now available

Snyder, Shane ssnyder at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Dec 2 17:13:17 CST 2022

Darshan users,

Darshan version 3.4.1 is now officially available for download here: https://www.mcs.anl.gov/research/projects/darshan/download/. This release includes the following new features, bug fixes, etc.:

  *   Added comprehensive instrumentation of PnetCDF APIs via PNETCDF_FILE and PNETCDF_VAR modules (contributed by Wei-Keng Liao)
     *   disabled by default, enabled by passing `--enable-pnetcdf-mod` to configure
  *   Modified Darshan log format to support a max of 64 instrumentation modules, since the current version of Darshan reached the old max (16)
  *   Modified Darshan to report job start/end times at nanosecond granularity (previously only second granularity was possible)
  *   Added support for instrumenting H5Oopen family of calls
  *   Modified HDF5 module extraction of dataspace selection details
     *   Extraction of point selections now possible regardless of HDF5 version
     *   H5S_ALL selections are no longer counted as regular hyperslab accesses
  *   Fixed bug causing no instrumentation of child processes of fork() calls (reported by Rui Wang)
  *   Deprecated --file-list and --file-list-detailed options in darshan-parser
  *   Added "darshan_accumulator" API to the logutils library
     *   _create(), _inject(), _emit(), and _destroy()
     *   generalizes the mechanism for producing summation records and derived metrics for sets of records from a given module
     *   refactored darshan-parser to use new API
     *   implemented support for accumulators in POSIX, STDIO, and MPIIO modules
  *   Fixed memory leak in darshan-util helper functions used by PyDarshan
     *   darshan_log_get_name_records
     *   darshan_log_get_filtered_name_records
  *   Integrated the µnit Testing Framework in darshan-util
     *   implemented unit tests for darshan_accumlator API

We have also released PyDarshan on PyPI, which includes a number of improvements:

  *   Fixed memory leaks in the following backend CFFI bindings (reported by Jesse Hines):
     *   log_get_modules
     *   log_get_mounts
     *   log_get_record
     *   log_get_name_records
     *   log_lookup_name_records
  *   Added PnetCDF module information to job summary tool
  *   Testing modifications:
     *   Switched to use of context managers for log Report objects to avoid test hangs in certain environments
     *   Marked tests requiring lxml package as xfail when not installed

Documentation for Darshan and PyDarshan is available here: https://www.mcs.anl.gov/research/projects/darshan/documentation/.

Please report any questions, issues, or concerns with this release using this mailing list, or by opening an issue on our GitHub: https://github.com/darshan-hpc/darshan.

--Darshan team
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