[Darshan-users] Missing HDF5 details in pdf report

Snyder, Shane ssnyder at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Nov 24 12:43:45 CST 2020

Hi Alberto,

Unfortunately our PDF summaries don't include any details on HDF5 module usage, so that's expected behavior, currently. That said, this is something we are very interested in adding in the near future. We are in the process of integrating new Python bindings to the darshan-util library into our code base, and once that is ready, we will start porting some of our analysis tools to Python. For this PDF job summary tool, we plan to really revamp the presentation of data to users, which will include integration of new HDF5 data among other things. We will make sure to keep the community posted, but hopefully we have something ready and released to help sometime in the next few months.

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Hi all,
I’ve built Darshan with --enable-hdf5-mod=$HDF5_ROOT, and I can extract HDF5 details from the log file using the darshan-parser script.

In the pdf report produced with darshan-job-summary.pl I can’t see anything related to HDF5, though.
Is this something expected? Should I build darshan-util with some specific flags?

Thank you,
Alberto Chiusole

Storage and I/O Software Engineer
Data and Analytics Services at NERSC.gov - LBL.gov
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