[Darshan-users] Darshan not tracing with tensorflow import.

Devarajan, Hariharan hdevarajan at anl.gov
Mon Jul 6 09:56:35 CDT 2020

The I/O is not through tensorflow. Its through h5py and numpy.load and I verified both without tensorflow import are getting traced. I already verified that import of tensorflow doesn’t change any environment variables.


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About 2 months ago, I tried using Darshan to trace a TensorFlow2 DL training. I could not trace the input. What I _think_ happens is the TF2 uses mmap() for reading the input files and I don't think Darshan can capture that file IO. But I'm not a Darshan expert so perhaps someone has tried this before and can help

(BTW - it's possible to build TensorFlow so it doesn't use mmap() for reading files.)


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I was able to run my test program with 3.2.1 darshan. However, when i trace an app which load tensorflow it seems darshan doesn't produce trace. I am attaching two tars one with working example and one without. The only difference between the two is in test.py where i import tensorflow on first line.

Can you please assist on how I can further debug the problem?


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