[Darshan-users] darshan-parser output in json format

Shane Snyder ssnyder at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 22 12:55:16 CDT 2018

Hi George,

Adding to Kevin's comment -- we have found the ability to extract 
Darshan parser output in JSON format to be valuable in a couple of other 
external projects too, but it is not currently on any development 
roadmap for integration into Darshan proper. It is something we can 
consider in the future though, especially since we are working on other 
features that will probably make this easier (namely, implementing a 
Python interface to the darshan-utils library).

If it's useful in the meantime, I can point you at code from one of our 
projects (TOKIO) that implements a JSON parser for Darshan logs. TOKIO 
is a broader project concerned with holistic I/O analysis of HPC 
systems, and as part of it we have implemented a number of different 
Python tools for analyzing different I/O logs (including Darshan), all 
in the pytokio repo: https://github.com/NERSC/pytokio.

'bin/cache_darshan.py' is the script that can take a Darshan log file 
and spit out JSON data for all of the counters, metadata, etc.


On 08/21/2018 06:16 PM, George Papadimitriou wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> This is what we are currently doing. But I've found that parsing the 
> ascii output can be a bit tedious and not an elegant solution to the 
> problem.
> George
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>   I don't think we have a plan for it right now. I think the easiest 
> method would be to take the ASCII output and convert it to JSON using 
> a separate tool.
> kevin
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> Hello,
> I'm aware of an open ticket 
> (https://xgitlab.cels.anl.gov/darshan/darshan/issues/242) about having 
> an option in darshan-parser to enable json output.
> Is this feature on darshan-parser's roadmap ?
> Thanks,
> George
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