[Darshan-users] darshan-2.2.6 incorrectly detects weak symbols

Myriam Botalla myriam.botalla at bull.net
Mon May 6 08:12:10 CDT 2013

Hi Phil,
I've just upgraded to darshan-2.2.6 and got a serious limitation to instrumentation.
Whether it is Intel MPI or OpenMPI I could not generate any darshan logs.
It appears the fix added to check for fake MPI skips over instrumentation on our clusters.

Actually both MPI implementations use the weak symbols:

$ nm /opt/intel/impi/|grep -i MPI_Init
0000000000602a74 B I_MPI_Initialized
0000000000068900 T I_MPI_init_dat_regestry_info
00000000001e6300 T MPID_nem_impi_init_shm_configuration
00000000001a87a0 W MPI_Init
00000000001b39d0 W MPI_Init_thread
00000000001a89f0 W MPI_Initialized
00000000001a87a0 T PMPI_Init
00000000001b39d0 T PMPI_Init_thread
00000000001a89f0 T PMPI_Initialized
$ nm /opt/mpi/bullxmpi/|grep -i MPI_Init
000000000007b2d0 W MPI_Init
000000000007b4a0 W MPI_Init_thread
000000000007b6b0 W MPI_Initialized
000000000007b2d0 T PMPI_Init
000000000007b4a0 T PMPI_Init_thread
000000000007b6b0 T PMPI_Initialized
0000000000066ab0 T ompi_init_preconnect_mpi
0000000000064980 T ompi_mpi_init
0000000000397358 B ompi_mpi_init_started
0000000000397359 B ompi_mpi_initialized

Now the test for weak symbols is applied to the temporary binary. Is that the issue?

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