[Darshan-users] Multithreaded applications crash when using LD_PRELOAD

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jul 9 14:27:55 CDT 2013

Thanks for the bug report Myriam.  I see what you are talking about, it 
looks like we just forgot to copy that code over from the MPI_Init() 
function.  We'll test it out and get the fix committed for the next release.


On 07/09/2013 11:04 AM, Myriam Botalla wrote:
> Hi all,
> For those who want to use Darshan as a dynamic library with 
> multithreaded applications, the MPI_Init_thread wrapper is the issue.
> A simple program calling MPI_Init_thread() and MPI_Finalize() will 
> crash if LD_PRELOAD is set to libdarshan.so
> As a workaround - do MPI_Init_thread() call resolve_mpi_symbols() as 
> it is done for MPI_Init()
> Hope it will help
> Myriam,
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