[Darshan-users] darshan-job-summary.pl fails with path containing underscores

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 8 10:50:53 CDT 2012

I apologize for taking so long to look at this, but I'd like to 
integrate this fix (or something similar to it) in the upcoming 2.2.2 
release of Darshan.  Do you have a specific example to trigger the 
problem that you could share?  You can send it directly to me off list.  
If not, do you happen to know which portion of the latex file ended up 
with an underscore?

The reason that I am curious about the details is because 
darshan-job-summary already includes another package (TeX::Encode) that 
should be able to account for underscores in file names.  I suspect that 
we might have missed an instance where we should have encoded a string 
using that package.  I would like to try to address that issue rather 
than use the underscore package if possible because it can protect file 
names against other special characters as well.

I will look closer at the perl code and see if I can find any places 
where we missed the encoding.  I tried a couple of examples on a 
development box using underscores but I haven't found the right 
combination to trigger the problem yet.

many thanks!

On 06/26/2012 09:22 AM, mouhamed.gueye at bull.net wrote:
> Hello,
> With darshan 2.2.0, darshan-job-summary.pl hangs when used on data 
> generated from an application doing I/O operations on a filesystem 
> that has the underscore character in its name (/home_nfs for example). 
> Actually, pdflatex is the one hanging because of that underscore 
> character.
> To solve this issue, just add "usepackage{underscore}" into 
> darshan-job-summary/share/summary.tex.
> =============================================
> --- darshan-job-summary/share/summary.tex        2012-06-26 
> 15:03:46.000000000 +0200
> +++ darshan-job-summary/share/summary.tex.patched        2012-06-26 
> 15:03:33.000000000 +0200
> @@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
>  \usepackage{lastpage}
>  \usepackage{subfigure}
>  \usepackage{multirow}
> +\usepackage{underscore}
>  %
>  %
> =============================================
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