[Darshan-users] Darshan 2.1.0 Release

Kevin Harms harms at alcf.anl.gov
Mon Mar 7 10:40:32 CST 2011

The new Darshan 2.1.0 release is now available for download.

This release primarily enhances portability and adds the option to use LD_PRELOAD for instrumentation rather than link time wrappers. This release does not add any new instrumentation or change the log file format.


  * additional environment variables to control log location, jobid and alignment parameters
  * additional configure tests to improve portability
  * bug fixes for darshan-parser --perf calculations
  * support for MPI1.x
  * support for OpenMPI
  * support for PGI and Intel compilers
  * new libdarshan.so dynamic library for use with LD_PRELOAD

Kevin Harms

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