[AG-USERS] Do I still need 3 servers in this day and age?

Les Rhoda leslie.rhoda at umit.maine.edu
Wed Jan 14 15:29:53 CST 2009

Hello all,

I work in Video Services at the University of Maine in Orono.

I have been tasked with constructing a quote for building an Access Grid node. It will be a small node, not even using projectors or anything fancy, just a small room that can act as a hub for some research teams to collaborate on.

I have scoured the net for hours trying to suss what the best and most economical way to build the node would be. I've researched all of the capture cards, cams, etc but I still have one burning question: do we reall need 3 boxes to process and
serve, or can we pack it into one so long as we do not need multiple video input and display cards (which would require too many slots?

Any suggestions are immensely appreciated. I'm under a deadline for grant money and since I'm new to this job there is a lot riding on this (especially given the economy, etc :)


Glad to be here, and glad to take part in the AG revolution! :)


Les Rhoda

Technician/Office Manager - Video Services Dept.
Systems Manager - The Maine Channel
220 Alumni Hall / 581-2517 

IT Manager, Dept. of Communication and Journalism
416 Dunn Hall / 581-1281

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