[AG-USERS] AG1 to AG2 Transitional Plan and Timeline

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue May 18 17:12:04 CDT 2004

This email outlines the plan we have for transitioning away from the AG1
infrastructure and supporting solely the AG2 infrastructure by year-end.
Some of the goals of this plan are:

	- migrate the community to the latest reliable software
	- schedule to coincide with university summer schedules,
	  so the transition doesn't impact production use during the
academic year.
	- ease the support load on the AG Dev Team
	- provide long enough transition time to enable all AG1 
	  users to find appropriate time to upgrade

Here is the timeline of the transition we are planning on following:

May 4, 2003: 
	Moratorium on the creation of all AG 1 Venues, and AG 1 Bridge
      as announced at the May Town Hall.

June 4, 2003: 
	Start AG2 Production Institutional Venue Service.
	  - Service Details: 
            Limited Support
            No Bridging Services provided, but institutions can run their 
              own bridges against their own venue
            1 Venue per Institution
            No Security/Authorization

September 3, 2003: 
      AG 1 Institutional Venues (and their AG1 Bridges) are turned off.

December 1, 2003: 
      AG 1 Core Venues and remaining AG 1 Bridging are turned off.

-- The AG Team

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