[AG-USERS] AGTk 2.2 Alpha Available

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue May 4 21:09:48 CDT 2004

The Access Grid Toolkit 2.2 (Alpha) is available for download at:



This release is an ALPHA release. It is provided for anxious users and
advanced developers. This release should NOT be installed on working nodes.
It does NOT co-exist with release 2.1.2b or AG 1.0. 

Known Issues:
 - Shared Application packages are in the installer, but not getting
installed yet.
 - On Windows Node Services are not configuring correctly.

Plan to deal with Known Issues:

 We are planning on releasing daily snapshots of the toolkit to provide
increasingly stable and bug-patched versions for people to try. Using a
daily snapshot is done at the installers own risk, we will help if/when we
can, but it should not be done on a working ag node. As of the beta the
software should co-exist with previous versions.


This release includes major usability and stability improvements. Highlights

- Updated to Python 2.3 (2.2 still supported on legacy platforms)
- Update to the latest SOAPpy, Python 2.3
- Update to newer pyGlobus and Globus Toolkit (on linux)
- New packaging
- Streamlined Certificate Management User Interfaces
- Support for Service Certificates
- Support for Different Certificate Request Services
- New Node Service Packaging, which supports more flexible Node Services
- Shared Applications Developers Tools, Examples and a Programmers Manual
- A Venue Client Control Interface (so the Venue Client can be
programmatically controlled)
- Usage logging in the Venue Server
- Automatic reconnection for the Venue Client
- Venue Server significantly stabilized, memory leaks plugged.

For more information on this release see the official release page. 

As always, feedback is desired, please file bug reports, feature requests,
or enhancements via the Access Grid Bugzilla pages
(http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/acucessgrid) or via the ag-tech mailing list
(mailto:ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov).


The AG Team

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