[AG-USERS] help for an access grid newbie

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Mon May 3 02:56:20 CDT 2004

Hi Aaron,

I'm a newbie as well, but just to try:

- The node manager needs AGNodeService.py running, this program listens in
port 11000 (so you need to execute AGServiceManager.py and
- Make sure the hosts file are correct in all machines.

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Subject: [AG-USERS] help for an access grid newbie

> Hi,
> My apologies to everyone who gets this as a member of ag-tech if it goes
> through... which it doesn't appear to have from my perspective...
> I've been looking at the documentation as best as possible but don't
> think I am looking at the right things.  I have just set up a room
> access grid node, consisting of 2 linux boxes running fedora core 1, and
> an xp box.  the xp box is the display node and the linux boxes are the
> audio and video capture...  I have obtained my certs, imported them...
> that was the easy part.  When I try to use the node manager on any of
> the boxes I get failures to attach to nodes, try to update the view, ui
> errors... nothing in the node manager seems to work at all on any of the
> boxes.  Why is this?
> If I run the AGServiceManger.py script on each linux box they say they
> are starting up on port 12000.  But when i run the node setup wizard on
> the xp box and it asks me what the video box is when i try to connect on
> port 12k it can't, nor can it connect to the audio box... or even
> itself!!  Is there some additional configuration that I need to make on
> this?  Where can I find the right docs to tell me what to do?
> In short, I am currently very confused, and hope someone here can give
> me some pointers down the trail...
> Thanks!
> Aaron

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