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Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Wed Jun 23 11:30:32 CDT 2004


If you are interested in any GeoWall applications, either integrated or
separate from the Access Grid, EVL @ UIC can provide you with information
about how it is used and what applications are available.  Your first stop
should be: http://www.geowall.org.  This gives a list of software made for
the GeoWall in addition to the parts needed to assemble the GeoWall.
ImmersaView has been made into a shared application for the Access Grid.
Information and the shared application download can be found here:

EVL is starting to move to a new version of GeoWall called GeoWall2, which
will be applications for tiled displays.  More information about GeoWall2
can be found here: http://www.evl.uic.edu/cavern/optiputer/geowall2.html.

The primary users of GeoWall (as you could probably guess from the name)
are geoscientists.  However, the technology is usable for anyone who could
use either stereo to enhance a visualization using GeoWall or to generate
high-resolution, high-performance visualizations using GeoWall2.

Please feel free to send e-mail if you or anyone else have questions about

Allan Spale
Research Assistant
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Natalia Costas Lago wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am trying to gather information about which projects hold by institutions involve Access Grid usage, our main interest is research, but any other applications would be appreciated as well.
> Kind regards,
> Natalia.
> PS: Off topic: We are interested in GeoWall as well, so.. don't hesitate to give information about it as well. 
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